Palumbo Playground

Palumbo Playground

901 Fitzwater Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

A playground tour is a great way to mix it up and Palumbo is one of our favorites. Palumbo is located on Fitzwater in between 9th and 10th. Parking can be a little tough between the residents and Morning Glory Cafe customers but you can usually get within a block. The local parents are cliquey but nice and everyone keeps a really good eye on their kids. Here is why I love this spot:


1. The ground is padded which is perfect for both runners and crawlers. 

2. There is a Tot section and a big kid (5-12) section. 

3. Baby swing & Big kid swings

4. Tons of slides

5. Giant open green space plus soccer field to run around on. 

6. Entire area is fenced and gated 


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