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IMG_6251Up until this point the boys ballet exposure was one-act of the Nutcracker and a public performance by the young ladies at the Philadelphia Dance Academy. Last week, at ages 4 and 5 my two skeptic boys and one teddy bear accompanied me to the Pennsylvania Ballet’s Tribute to Jerome Robbins at the Academy of Music.

IMG_6232We saw the Jerome Robbins performance because he is a legendary choreographer having done West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof and many more. The performances were going to be lively so I knew I had a 50/50 chance of this going well. I will admit that I also took some artistic mom license to pull it off successfully.

The boys and I arrives 30 minutes before show time and I have to say we got plenty of looks. Now I did have an awesome jacket on but I think the looks were because I two little kids and not just kids but two little boys at the ballet. People were definitely watching us as if we were a science experiment. Fortunately I am used to this because I have been taking the boys to events and places way before other felt they should be there. I saw a few other children there but they were all girls.

We found our seats, checked out the orchestra pit for the first time and went to coach check and grabbed two booster seats. By the time we got back to our seats everyone got used to us and the two guys behind me helped me put the boys in the booster seats and the seasoned ticket holders in front of us double checked that the boys could see the stage.


The curtain went up and the performance started. This is where I got a little illegal. I did have a snack on my lap for them and bottles of water in my purse. The boys snacked and drank and watched the ballerinas and  ballerinos dance an amazingly beautiful performance. They clapped when the audience clapped and kept their eyes on the stage. They even let me get lost in the beauty of the performance which means we might have gone an entire 15 minutes without talking. *Photos are not permitted during the show so you will have to use your imagination.

FullSizeRenderThe boys did have a lot of questions and we got to cover a lot of new stuff. Why are there boys on stage? Why are they not talking? Do they have shoes on? I thought you said they are going to tell a story?

When the boys got sleepy we made our exit. Thankfully we had isle seats but getting the two little ones out with me in heels and the boosters proved to be less smooth than I had hoped but we all survived and I warned the nice guys behind me in advance that I might not make a graceful exit.

IMG_6237All in all the boys did enjoy the ballet and I loved all the questions they had. They asked if they could watch it on TV the next day. Sounds like I might be able to trick them into watching West Side Story with me earlier then I thought. Take your kids, even your boys, to see the beautiful performances by the Pennsylvania Ballet. The rows between the seats are narrow, the booster seats are key and stashing snacks in your purse never killed anyone – other than that…sit back and enjoy the show.

The next child appropriate performance by the PA Ballet will be the Nutcracker.

top photo credit: Alexander Iziliaeu

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