Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair

Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair
2775 Lebanon Road
Manheim, PA 17545
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I remember the Renaissance Fair being a lot of fun when I was a kid. Which is why we decided to pack up the boys and go back in time.  However I think this post will read more as a cautionary tale for those thinking of going.

I am greatly concerned for the people that work there and equally for the people that do not work there but go dressed in costume. It is like a whole different type of “carny.” Everyone looks kind of dirty but I think that is the plan? Most people do talk in character and people will kind of jump out and talk (more yelling for show) to you out of nowhere in the Queen’s English. Several “gypsies” commented on my hot pink Nikes.

For the most part I was overwhelmed. One of the things I did not like is that on top of the high price admission ($29-$15.00) you need to pay for the games and the petting zoo. For example you have to pay if you want to go in the petting zoo, then you have to pay if you want to feed them, then you have to pay for the feed. It kind of never ends. I would say that the games are appropriate from 7 year olds and up. But I am not sure about that because they include knife throwing, Chinese star throwing, and musket shooting. Really?

There are several different shows every hour. It ranges from music to mud. Yep I said mud. The Mud Squad, as they call them selves, is a group of three individuals that do stand up in between pushing each other in a mud pit. They are actually funny except they do 30 minutes of PSA’s at the beginning of the show that you start to loose interest. They go on about how they are actors and accept donations…etc, etc. It went on so long we walked away before it officially started.

You can’t find a schedule on-line but the only thing worth seeing there is the Jousting which starts around 1:15 p.m. Unfortunetly we left long before that because the kids were not going to make it through another 30 minutes of PSA’s before the main event.

The scotch eggs are good but the rest of the food is not. The parking can be challenging especially if you want to leave. They have no problem getting you in there but forget about getting out. Even the parking attendants can’t tell you where the exit is. If you don’t get there right as they open be prepared to wait at the light by the entrance. The traffic is so crazy from 11:00 a.m. on that they have the local police come in to help.

I would skip this one. You would have a more relaxing and enjoyable time shopping with a sever head cold, with your kids on Black Friday. I took a bullet for the team on this one.

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