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I wanted to think outside the box this year for Father’s Day. Fortunately owner Joe and Claire of Philly Music Lessons in Fishtown were kind enough to support my idea of a surprise “Daddy and Boys Jam Session”. I have the family and they have the studio and instruments so it was a match made in heaven.

Henry ukeI have heard great things about Philly Music Lessons but this was my first official time there. And if you know us, then you know we don’t blab about things we haven’t tried ourselves. So finally we get to tell you all about it!

Ollie violinThe boys and I arrived early to get ready for the surprise. The studio is big, open and very friendly. The boys bounced around waiting for their Dad. When their Dad arrived the guys went right to work with their instructor Phil. Out came the drumsticks, mini violins, piano, ukulele, acoustic, electric and bass guitars…just to name a few. The guys rotated around the room and took turns  on each instrument with Instructor Phil as their guide. Each of the boys got to lead the jam session by learning how to conduct and of course rock out as much as they wanted. Their Dad got to mess around on the guitar like he always talked about and the boys tried everything that was put in front of them. The drums, as you might have guessed, seemed to be a favorite.

PML Ollie

But in the end while Instructor Phil played a mean blue base line it was my youngest Ollie on the harmonica that stole the show.

PML Ollie and guitarWith family lessons, a baby and tot music group and an older kids music group that I am looking forward to putting the boys in this fall Philly Music Lessons is about as family friendly as it gets. The instructors are very comfortable with kids, even bouncy boys and were very patient and helpful. Because sometimes when you are four a bass guitar can be bigger then your whole body.

Maybe your kids are starting to become musical or your husband or wife has always wanted to take guitar lessons? (*cough or banjo lessons*cough). Philly Music Lessons is a really great option that you should put on your radar.

In fact that have some cool discount to make it even easier to check them out.


For Father’s Day:
Free Trial Lessons for Dad’s through the end of June
Father’s Day Gift Certificates Gift certificates can be for 1 lesson (plus the free trial for Dads) or any number of lessons – a single up to to a month’s worth, or even a season package (a few month’s worth – 12 lessons)
Season packages are 10% off.
Philly Music Lessons also offers specials for family lessons, which are priced as joint lessons with an extra 10% off.

Father’s Day is this weekend and if you are looking for something thing really fun and out of the box make it a jam session with Philly Music Lessons!

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