Play and Players Theater: A Rainy Day Play

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Dream House: A Rainy Day Play

Play and Players Theater

 1714 Delancey Place, Philadelphia PA, 19103 / website>

Philadelphia has great options when it comes to children’s theater. Thank goodness because let’s face it that is all I get to see these days. Sunday night we had our first experience at Play and Players Theater for their P.L.A.Y. program. This program connects Philadelphia playwrites with children’s theater. We got a chance to see “DREAM HOUSE” A Rainy Day Play by Jeremy Gable.

Play and Players on Delancy is an old theater. It is not sparkly or fancy but it has a lot of character and when you think about how this little theater has survived crammed in between townhouses it is pretty amazing.

PP the set in action

PP bean bagsThe show is in the theater upstairs but it starts outside with the lead and only character, Jen played by Jennifer Macmillan bursting into the room. But that is all I am going to tell you because it is more fun to be surprised. The story  and the play moves into the small rough theater that reminds me of the ones you see in movies in acting schools. There are two rows of chairs for the adults and pillows and bean bags for the kids up front. I would recommend it for kids three and up (kids 4 and under are free).  There are some loud parts and a black out during a thunderstorm in the play so if your little one gets scared easily you might want to be prepared. My boys were fine. The play is creative and high energy but does have a tiny bit of an involved story. Jen’s Dad passes away and she is sent to live with her mean Aunt in her old and boring house. After college Jen returns to the house because her Aunt passed and left it to her. Interested in nothing but flipping the house that left her with nothing but boring childhood memories where here only source of entertainment were boxes and her imagination she falls back in love with the house. Did I mention that that house “talks” to her through out the play?

PP Rainy Day PlayJen proceeds to entertain the little ones with her imagination of staying busy on a rainy day inside in Philadelphia. The play is 70 minutes long and had not only my boys attention, as they settled into the bean bags, but had them laughing. This is the type of play were kids laughing and making little comments is totally appropriate. Ollie got a little too into it and we did have to curb him a little bit but other then that it was smooth sailing. After the show ends the kids are allowed to take a tour of the set and Jen explains how everything works. The boys 100% enjoyed the play. This play runs until Sunday, November 23rd and has morning house which is perfect as we settle into colder weather and start looking for things to entertain our little ones.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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