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Little SPORT

121 E. Kings Hwy, Unit 204
Maple Shade, NJ 08052
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Summer is coming but we have a few more cold weeks (hopefully not months) to get through. So the boys and I went to work today at Little SPORT in Marlton, NJ. Once again New Jersey beat me in the game of directions, unhelpful road signs and circles but even with my mistakes it only took me 20 minutes to get there door to door.

Little SPORT falls into the preschool playspace catagory of GOOD but could be BETTER. I am going to give you my review below but I have to confess that when we got in the car to go home the first thing out of Henry’s mouth was- “That was fun Mommy!” That was Henry’s review and now here is mine:

I am completely split on this place. On one hand I found it a bit blah but on the other hand they had a lot of different stuff that kept the boys busy and we spent two hours there.

What I liked:

Let’s get to the playspace itself. The play area is called the Arena and it is large and dated but had some great things I had never seen before. My favorite thing was the three recycled tire horse swings. These were a big hit with all the kids. In the main area there are plenty of riding toys to go around and tons of balls in every size and color for the kids to play with.

Next the boys moved onto the wall of hoops and the giant but little kid friendly plinko-esq rotunda.  They got to put a ball in one hole and it shot out somewhere else in the rotunda.

The next thing I liked was the netted mini game “cages.” Each netted section had a different game from street hockey to oversized bowling to horseshoes and baseball. This was a great way to keep the boys together, safe and still let them go crazy.

The next section was in the back and it was a bunch of different gym mats that the kids could slam into, build with and climb over. The boys also loved the kiddie rock wall. Mainly because when you get to the top of the wall you got to ring a bell. We spent a lot of time here.

What I didn’t like:

At $19. 90 for two kids this Little SPORT is at the high end of the playspace spectrum.  Overall I did not like it and struggled to get through the first hour. I think the hardest thing was the lack of windows in the playspace, making all the overly primary color scheme theme a little on the depressing side. I usually wait until the end of the review to comment on this but the other thing I did not love was the other parents. Sideline or no parenting is what was going on when I was there. I think a little girl asked her Mom to play will her for 5 minutes striaght while the Mom chated with her friend that was also ignoring her children while they exhibited lack of sharing and sreaming tantrums. These Moms had checked out. The culture of this place was for parents to sit and text or gossip and not play with their kids. These kids had trouble sharing and needed a parent.

Will we go back….?

We actually probably will. I have other places I love more and are more affordable but the boys loved it and that is what counts the most.


Follow these directions from Google with these side notes:

1. (Step #13 on the directions) After you get off 38 West via the  Marlton exit. Do not take that first exit to the right that comes up right away. If you do you will just go in a giant circle and be right back where you started. Pass that exit and Little Sports is up ahead on the left in a brick strip mall. The highway is divided so you have to go straight and make a left into the BJ’s parking lot. Make another left and go through the BJ’s parking lot and into the strip mall parking lot and there it is. I honestly can’t figure out another way to do it.

To see all the pictures from our adventures go to HipsterHenry’s Flicker.


  1. Hi,

    It’s very cool that my younger son is in the background in your picture above (wearing the striped black & white top). 🙂

    I am a member of this place, have been for at least 5 years. The membership used to be $20 a month; it’s now a very reasonable $100 annually. I am here every month, so the membership is worth my while for now. You offer great comments; I’m an interactive mom (and one of the few who don’t own an i-phone), so I play with my boys, and they want me to play with them while there. They absolutely love this place.

  2. I wanted to thank you for coming in and playing at Little SPORT and for all your comments, both positive and constructive… I wanted to personally share some exciting news on how we have truly been working to “make the good better.”

    On April 6th we are hosting two charity events: Opening Day Open House FREE to the public from 10 -2pm and a Grand Slam! Family Fun Night from 5:30 – 7:30 (reservations required) … The day is dedicated to “Lacing Up for Jason” and awareness of pediatric cancer, but will also serve to reveal our updated look, all new equipment, a Referee’s Room/Parent lounge for viewing classes (held privately in Toot’s Training Room and Edison’s Enrichment Room) and for introducing my new partner and management team.

    We understand that our generation is fighting something our parents did not, a generation of children that are i-Pad proficient at age 2. I like to say, “Wonderful, their fingers are brick, their bodies Jell-O and they’re not social!” 😉 My hope is when you come back you experience our interactive “track time” activities in the Arena. Done daily, both parents and children are encouraged to interact; children are taught and encouraged to “Give 7″… a five fingered, two eyed hand shake. Our goal is to help in the battle and offer a place to develop life education skills creatively through sports and play.

    When I created Little SPORT back in 2004 my #1 point of culture was to follow a “Golden Rule” philosophy, where I wouldn’t offer a service or produce a product that I wouldn’t want for my own family and friends. We are excited to have pulled through tough economic times and to really start making a difference.
    Thank you again for taking the time to review us – we hope to see you on “Opening Day!” (Web details will begin posting this week)

    Working to develop healthy, joyful, respectful children through sport and play!
    Jen Leonard
    Little SPORT Creator/Owner/Inspired Mother of 5

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