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We road test a lot of different stuff and the one thing I wanted to work out the most actually crashed and burned the hardest. PLEY is basically Netflix for LEGO sets. Their tag line is  But we learned that means they also don’t You pay a monthly subscription fee and they send you a set. There are different membership levels. The more you pay the fancier the sets are that you get to pick from.  Everything sounded great. The first month is free so you get to check it out without any risk. Okay, okay so far so good right? Well we learned that their tag line “Lost a piece? We won’t charge” also doesn’t guarantee all the pieces will be in the set to begin with.

Our set arrived at our door in an adorable box. The LEGOS were in a red mesh bag, there were new stickers and the box included the return label with postage. The boys were super excited. We took our TMNT set away with us for the weekend and started working on it that night. 24 hours later we were nearing the end and that is when things started to fall apart literally. Sadly our set was missing a bunch of pieces that prevented us from finishing. Not sure if you have ever built a LEGO set with little kids and seen their sad little confused faces when you tell them you would not be able to finish.

So of course I cancelled my subscription and sent them an email on how disappointed I was with the service. I got a reply a few weeks later with an apology. Turns out PLEY is a network of LEGO enthusiasts “just doing the best they can.” They suggested I use my own pieces to complete the set or send it back and then they would send me a new one. Argh. I was beyond disappointed as I stayed up late to break up the set we were unable to complete just to ship it back and maybe get another one that was missing pieces?

Great concept but clearly too hard to pull off. I was really rooting for this one but no dice my LEGO lovers.

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