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Last week the boys went with me to the spa: I got a massage and a manicure,  Henry got a chocolate facial, and they both made some art projects. That’s right my children were in ear shot while I relaxed on a massage table, they knew where I was and didn’t need me once. Where the heck did I go? I brought the gang to Primp & Play in Washington Sq.

Primp & Play is a family spa. This is a place where you can throw a spa party for your friends, your child and anyone else you can think of. More importantly YOU can grab a massage or a service without an entourage, moving heaven and earth or booking a babysitter. Primp & Play specializes in keeping your little one entertained while you get a service.

PP craft room

PP manicure tablesWhen we got to Primp & Play the boys were shy and hanging on me. None of us were exactly used to going to a spa together. Tara the owner took us to the back room where the crafts were set up for the kids. The room is bright, friendly and ready for action. The boys relaxed once they saw there was a space for them and started working on the crafts with a Primp & Play staff member.

From there Lori the Spa Manager got me set up in a massage room. It really is a family affair because Lori is Tara’s mother. She has moved from Palm Beach Florida, where she was the lead massage therapist at Eau Spa Palm Beach, a Forbes five-star, five diamond spa. (Formerly Eau Spa @ Ritz Carlton Palm Beach) to help her daughter make Primp & Play a success. Lori is an excellent massage therapist, was very calming and well…motherly. I have to say it was nice to be the one that was being taken care of. I might even have hugged her before I left. Yup. I am pretty sure that happened.

PP Chocolate facial

PP Henry and Chocolate facial

Before I went into the massage we showed the boys where I was and I told Lori I was fine with them coming in if they needed anything. The boys were more than busy and I never heard a peep. After my massage the boys showed me their salt jars that they had been working on. They were in special little jars that we put on display as soon as we got home.

Next was a manicure. Normally I would really be pressing my luck with asking the boys to hang in there a little bit longer. But again this is what Primp & Play specializes in. While I got my nails cleaned up Henry got a chocolate facial (coco powder and coconut oil) from Lori. They both thought it was tasty and pretty funny. To view the video of Henry’s facial click here.

During our visit the boys were well behaved but they are kids.  At one point Ollie sat on a little ottoman and knocked it over. He didn’t damage anything but it create a loud noise. Tara having a 5 year boy herself that is a mover and shaker didn’t even flinch. Primp & Play loves kids and you don’t have to feel bad if they act like kids. PP salt art

Primp & Play has room for a pedicure or a pedicure party, make-up, brows, manicures, facials, and massages including prenatal. For a complete list of all their services click here. If you have your hands full but still need to be groomed you can totally set up shop at Primp & Play.

Our first team spa appointment was a huge success thanks to Primp & Play! The boys had a great time and I got have an amazing massage and manicure. If you are a busy care taker for your little ones Primp & Play is the perfect thing to add into the mix. They treat you like family and gave us all a relaxing afternoon break.

 A lot of times I think my reviews make it look like we have this idyllic life. But our day is peppered with those deep sigh, hand on your forehead, for the love of bleep moments. In fact when we left our fun evening appointment at Primp & Play where we bonded over chocolate facials and relaxing together we had one of those moments…. Just so you know we are a very real family:

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. As we walked to our car some pom poms fell off of Henry’s one project and he stopped dead on the sidewalk blocking the commuter foot traffic . Right then it started to rain and right as we got to the car Ollie fell and banged himself up and started to bawl…I mean bawl. We had made it to the car but now both boys were crying and as everyone watched us from the restaurant windows and people walked home after work I put all my stuff down, got down on the sidewalk and as I comforted both my boys with a huge hug and waited for them to calm down the sky opened up and I was drenched in a few seconds. In a blink of an eye everything turned back to normal and my relaxed state of mind was over. I could not make this stuff up if I tried…but it was really nice while it lasted! I guess we will have to go back!