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I have been trying to get over to Momo’s Tree House Toy Store in Old City for at least the past year. I don’t know if I should feel late to the game with this review or thankful that I have been saving money this entire time by not going in… because I kind of wanted everything. There are very few places in the city that sell toys and honestly I always feel like the mark-up is too high. I do support local businesses but when you have a year of birthday parties for the boy’s classmates ahead of you… shopping local is not always sustainable.

MOMO Outside

MOMO insideWell it turns out I was pleasantly surprised with the size, selection and prices at MOMO’S TREE HOUSE. I cross checked and their prices are the same as Amazon which means I can run in for a last-minute birthday presents and not take it hard in the family budget department. It is also really big with a great selection of toys I had never seen before. Owner, Heather Mohorn works really hard to find toys that you didn’t even know existed and I have to tell you… she has done a really good job.  This is a real toy store in the city. I found plenty of things that I wanted but I had Heather take me around and point out what she was most excited about. Heather makes a point to organize her store by age and not by gender. So for Heather it is not “What is hot for little girls right now”  it is “What is the hot toy for everyone right now.” I also spied a ton of great gift items for new babies. The kind of toys that really set you apart from the crowd at the baby shower.

I loved a bunch stuff in the store but the Build and Imagine magnetic wall houses were my favorite. Kids can build any configuration they want and combine them. All the accessories are magnetic too so it is easy to keep everything together. MOMOM Build and Imagine

Momo's and ollie

When I popped in there was a customer, that was not a parent and needed a present. Clearly this customer was a regular because she gave Heather the child’s age and she knew just what to suggest and that customer was gift wrapped and ready to go in just a few minutes. For my boys I picked up Squigz which she suggested. I thought these suction cup “fun little suckers” were cool but honestly I did not expect the boys to love them as much as they did. They spilled them out all over the coffee table and started building until dinner was ready. The next morning they were back at it. Next road trip these bad boys are coming with us so they can build all over the car windows.

MOMO’S TREE HOUSE will gift wrap for you. Which means I can call Heather, buy a toy over the phone and pick it up gift wrapped and off to the party we go!

  • The store is hands on. Things are out for a reason. Kid’s are allowed to play with the toys and test them out.
  • There is a craft table and train table for the kids to play with.
  • There is metered parking on Arch and the surrounding streets.
  • They gift wrap

The am looking forward to taking the boys to MOMO’S TREE HOUSE I have a feeling they are going to love it as much as I did.