a.kitchen is for a.dults

135 South 18th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103
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Heading back into my old hood of Rittenhouse was nice for an afternoon. Today I was “on assignment” to check out a.kitchen. Let’s get the important stuff out of the way ASAP. This is not for kids. This is not even for sleeping babies in strollers. You best take yourself to Parc down the street (sorry a southern show is on while I type this) it you are looking for a fancy lunch with a helping of kids.  It is New York modern and New York tight. That said the food was great. However I do think that Top Chef would have boo’d the warm short bread dessert for having way too much going on. I say this like I did not eat EVERY SINGLE THING on that plate. The staff was efficient and kind. And the quite view from my bench seat into a kid less, baby bottle free zone felt so adult, so relaxing and so like my old self in my old hood. That is what I call a lunch-cation ( a lunch so relaxing it feels like a vacation).

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