Rock Climbing for Toddlers + Kids

My boys started rock climbing when they were three. Just like everything else I do I tried it on a lark. The first two times they wanted to do it but were scared. After that they were climbing the walls like spider man and we were begging them to come down. To do it as a family you will need an adult to learn how to belay. They is climber talk to the person that hold the rope securely at the bottom.

Elite Henry climbing the wall

Go Vertical in located in Philly by the Sugar House Casino. It is a good rock gym and where Henry started but it is hard core and I got the feeling the hipster rock climbers were not all about me cheering Henry on like the soccer mom the suspected I was. We go here because of the location and I just ignore the others. Click Here to read our full review.

If you really want to get the whole family involved or want a place that is ideal for kids you want to go over the bridge to Maple Shade and go to Elite Climbing. They even throw birthday parties here…that is how kid friendly they are. I actually threw a big playdate here where 50 families that were new to rock climbing came on out and gave it a shot. Anyone that was crying in the beginning was beaming with pride by the end. Click Here to read our full review.

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