Smith House * Winter Trip

Smith Kids Play Place

East Fairmount Park
Philadelphia, PA 19121-1095
(215) 765-4325
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It is pretty rare that I go to popular kid’s places on the weekends.  But when we do go I run it like a recon mission.  We get in, have a good time, I bring the right supplies and we are in the car and home right on time for afternoon nap.

This Sunday we thought we would take the boys to the Please Touch Museum. I knew it would be busy (holiday weekend) but I was not prepared for the line out the door and around the building in 19 degree weather. I mean I would rather let my boys watch a Sex and the City marathon before I would stand in that line.

In true Recon Mom fashion I stayed “frosty” and “oscar miked” to what I hoped was the next best option…Smith House. 10 minutes away and apparently the best secret of the day: the parking lot was empty and the entry fee was a $5 donation (Please Touch would have been $60).

I never really think of Smith House as a winter fun destination because the playground that is open April through October is so awesome it makes the actual Smith House seem…well boring.

However…it was Smith House that saved the day this particular Sunday and I totally changed my opinion. Smith House is perfect for the 5 and under crowd. Each floor has differnt basic toys: trucks, dinousaurs, room full of different blocks, play kitchens, library (3rd floor), big wooden train, train set and playhouse.  The basement of Smith House is cold so be prepared. They made it a rustic parking lot with a working stop light and tons of ride-on bikes and scooters. This is where we really had the most fun. We did a little drag racing around the basement with the boys to warm up. Based on their uncontrolable giggling I would say they had a good time.

It is basic, affordable ($5 donation, free parking) and very family friendly (changing table in the bathroom) and even with a little kid’s birthday party going on there was still plenty of room for everyone to play. I would not come from out of town to go here (when the playground is not open) but if it is 15-20 minutes away it is worth it.

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