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Lindsey Love is the sugary sweet powerhouse behind Coco Love Homemade.  Kissing her buying career at Urban Outfitter adieu she made the plunge into the oven and came out with her to die for, buzz worthy whoopie pies and cookies. If you are cruising for mom of the year award you might want to put your order in for a giant Whoopie Pie Cake. But she makes a ton of other things I just happen to favor the most decadent of all her creations.

 This month she let Philli Jilli and her side kick Hazel into her test kitchen for a little sugar cookie 101. Love’s test kitchen is beyond whimsical and if you even wanted to know what it feels like to be inside a pinata you should try to finagle an invite. Now this was not all fun and games. As’s Food Writer, Philli Jilli had some tough questions for Mrs. Love while she learned to make, bake and ice her way to cookie heaven.

Why did you decide to become a baker?

At my previous job, I baked for our company parties for fun and my co-workers started complementing me on the stuff that I baked. 

What is your favorite thing to bake? 

Cookies! They are fast and delicious!

What is your favorite kind of whoopie pie?

To eat… read velvet!

What part of the whoopie pie is the most fun to bake?

The cake part


What part of the whoopie pie is the hardest to bake?

The icing takes about 15 minutes!

How many whoopie pies do you think that you have eaten in your lifetime?

175…No… I had 176

If you could bake for anyone in the world who would you bake for and why?

The Queen of England because if she likes what I bake then I would know that my stuff is good!

What is your favorite kind of event to cater?

Wedding and birthdays because everyone is happy!

What are your favorite hobbies besides baking?

Reading blogs online and reading about fashion and home design.

What is your favorite sport? Who is your favorite player?

Mmmmm…  I like going to baseball games… and origami!

What is your favorite kind of animal?


What is your favorite place to eat dessert? 

Continental Midtown

Philli Jilli Reflection:

I had a great time with Lindsey at the Coco Love test kitchen!  Making delicious sugar cookies and decorating them were totally cool!  Lindsey made everything seem easy!  Making the icing was much easier than I thought.  Lindsey had so many ideas to decorate the cookies and of course her crazy cookie cutters like the squirrel one.  I loved touring her creative house while we waited for our cookies to be baked.  Thank you, Lindsey!

To see the ka-jillion pictures we took click here.


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  1. Thanks to Philli Jilli, Hazel and the rest of the Hipster Henry team for spending a delicious morning with me at the coco love test kitchen. I had so much fun!!

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