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First two thing I want to say about Tashan:

1. Lux Indian Cuisine totally worth getting a babysitter for.

2. Now finally people might actually know where the 777 building is!


You walk in…it is dark, swank and a touch exotic. The creators of Tiffin have gone glam giving their new address an ultra modern open kitchen, a private wine walled dinning room and a slick bar. Tashan also has what I call “The Four Season Effect” going for it: Before you can think of it it is already done for you. The staff buzzes around and you never seem to have just one waiter. Someone seats you, a different person gives you menus, a different person gets you water and then a different person takes your order. There is a lot of pomp and circumstance but it is not uppity (I hate uppity).

The food was great. And great to me is not just something that taste yummy and  no matter how hard I try I will never be able to replicate it at home. This is one of the reasons I love going to Zahav. Tashan does not have the same homey feel as Zahav but it does have the exotic thing down.

Worth noting is that Tashan does the communial table thing. Besides the big communial table they have little ones. The two of us were seated at a large table for four. Within a few minutes another couple was seated at the table. Because the tables are so big unless you are super particular it really isn’t a big deal. Do I wish the other couple was more exciting and did not talk about lame shoe and medical issues…yep…but again the table is big enough that you can ignore it.

You can book reservations on-line (during nap time).



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