The Philadelphia School

2501 Lombard St,
Philadelphia, PA 19146


Mom #1 : Age of Child: 5, Gender: Female

Was this school your first choice?: This was our first choice for private schools, but we would have appreciated getting into a public school. Greenfield was my first choice for public.

 After having experienced the school are you happy with your choice or would you prefer another school?: Extremely happy with the school although it is really way too expensive for our income.

Do you think your child will finish up to 8th grade at their current school?: I hope that she will be there through 8th grade if we don’t drown in debt by then.

What are your biggest concerns about your child’s school?: Definitely the cost. Otherwise it is fabulous. I wish that there was a school library. There is a weird smell in the lower level. Not enough diversity although they do try hard to increase it.
What do you love most about your child’s school?:
 I believe that they educate the “whole child”.  I love that they spend time outdoors. They are great about keeping families informed. They grow a garden in the schoolyard. They are always trying to improve the curriculum.
If cost was not an option where would you send your child?: The Philadelphia School.
What are 3-5 things you would tell a close friend that is considering the school your child is at?:
This school is one of the best things in my life, so even though it doesn’t really make sense financially, I will not give it up without a fight. The teachers are fabulous. The after-school options are fabulous. Even though they add on to the already enormous price tag, it is great to know that she is doing something good those hours after she is out of school and before I am out of work.


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