Herron Park Sprayground

Heron Park Spray Ground

Thank you to local mom Bridget M. for snapping this and sending it over! 

What is a sprayground you ask?

Herron Park Sprayground

2nd and Reed

South Philly

Well it is heaven if you are a city kid and it is summer. Heading down to the edge of South Philadelphia to visit an urban “water park” is not something I thought I would love but I will admit it …I let out a squeal when we pulled up and I got my first glimps. From this day on South Philly is no longer about the Mummers, the Italian Market or Cheesteaks…it is all about the 2nd and Reed Sprayground.

Everywhere you look there is water squirting from the ground in all different ways. Beautifyl Mayhem. Like sprinker system gone mad! You need to check this out. It is free, fun and tons of street parking!


Monday-Friday: 11:00 – 7:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 1:00-6:00 pm



  1. Do you have to pay to get in

  2. krystal malave

    is there a swimming pool there

    • HI Krystal, It is just a spray ground so there is no pool there. My favorite pool is the John B. Kelly Pool that is right by the Please Touch Museum. All the pools have different hours.

  3. Hey! Just wondering if anyone found put if you could have a bday there?

    • Hi Michelle. If I was looking into that the first place I would start is the Philadelphia Parks and Recs Department. Besides contacting them via phone/ email I would also ask them by facebook and twitter. They seem to answer people or at least they answered my yesterday when i asked my question.

  4. Gabrielle

    This was amd still is my favorite park to take my son to he loves it! I used to live around the corner from it so i wpuld be able to walk there and see if the sprinklers were on but now unfortunately i have to drive. Does anybosy know when this park will open for the season?

  5. Do you have any idea when the Herron Sprayground opens for the summer 2013 season? Also, any idea how I could contact them about having a birthday party there (or can we just go since it is public and we won’t have many people)? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for your quick reply, I don’t think I’m gonna chance it today. I wouldn’t want to get down there and then have 3 disappointed girls.

    • I was just there today with friends and there was a sign up stating that the spray ground’s final day is August 31st. It was my first time there and it was so awesome! My kids wore their swim shoes and we packed food. Our friends had gotten their earlier and secured a table but to be on the safe side, do bring a blanket or something to sit on just in case.

  7. Do you know if the water is still on at Herron Park? I know it’s considered a “public pool” and since they are starting to close down for the summer I wasn’t sure if the sprayground has closed yet.

    • Hey Susan.
      My mission this year is to get Parks and Recs to put together a public schedule we can all understand. Yes, the spraygrounds are considered part of the public pool system. That said the pools all had different closing dates. I am not sure when Herron will close.

  8. I am so excited about this. We’re suburbians, but we don’t have a lot of spare cash these days and my kids are going to go nuts for this place. But I have a few questions: are swim shoes necessary? Or is it safe to go barefoot? Also, are there abundant places for grownups to sit, or should we bring a beach chair for grandma? And lastly, can you recommend anywhere to eat nearby?

    Love your blog. Thank you for writing it!!

    • Thank you for your kind words about the blog. It means more than you know! Okay here is how we rock the sprayground…and yes, this is my fun but affordable go to as well. 1. There are places to sit but when it is busy the benches might be taken so I always bring something to sit on or some towels. I think swim shoes are a personal choice. My kids and most kids there go barefoot. Because everyone values this space people really take care of it. Eating nearby is a little tough b/c it is pretty residential down there. For an amazing but not healthy option you have Federal Donuts right down the street. Worth busting your diet over. The review is on the site. There are ice cream truck that pull up outside…but I have to tell you I pack lunch when we go. My boys are food wasters and I hate paying for food they won’t eat. You can totally bring food in and have a little picnic. There is also a pretty great playground in the sprayground. Speaking of wonderful and affordable have you been to Smith House? Of not we need to talk.

      • My sons and I are in philly for the week and I found you blog when I was looking for more info on the sprayground. Thanks! I wad also interested in smith house but my son is 9. He is autistic and still adores everything that typical 3-4 year olds love. Is he too old/big for smith house? If not, is there parking available there too?

        • Hi Kara.

          Welcome to Philly for the week. I hope your family has a good time. Depending on where you are staying Herron Park is a great option for a sprayground. I would also like to suggest Sister Cities Park with has water jets to cool off in…read my review and you will see my soaked boys and exactly what I mean: http://www.hipsterhenry.com/2012/05/checkin-in-sister-cities-park/

          For Smith House I think that your 9 year old would enjoy it. The tot lot which is typically reserved for children 5 and under is a great place. Given your son is autistic and the fact that I have seen kids is age in that area and they never ask them to leave I do not think it is a problem. That rule is more so the little ones don’t get knocked about. In additon to the tot lot kids of all ages love the giant wooden slide, the more modern playground equiptment and all the different swings. There is plenty of free parking if the main lot (which is small) is full everyone just parks along the drive way or along the street. You can bring food but they ask that you eat in the front of Smith House by the picnic tables.
          My e-mail is sibyl(at)hipsterhenry.com. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are curious about more places.

          • Thanks so much! This site is wonderful! I love the detail, pictures and parking info.

          • Thank you that makes my day. And Kara I mean it…you have any more questions just contact me directly! I want you to really enjoy Philly when you come!

  9. Do u know when the sprayground will open at 11? Last week they were not opening until 3.

    Thank you

    • Hi Denise. I do not know the hours of sprayground. I know that last year they were posted outside of the sprayground but with everything just staring to open things might be a little wonky. I would contact Parks and Rec vai facebook or twitter. They respond quicker that way.

  10. Erin Warwick

    Can you rent the playground for a few hours to have a private party?


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