Toy Testing with Maui Toys

JAKKS PACIFIC SKY BALLYou might remember that a few months ago the boys and I checked out the TTPM Toy Show in New York. It was great to have the boys there in New York with me and at first I thought their excitement and my need to actually get work done would be tough. However who better to let you know if a toy is great or not then… the real experts… your kids.
It was interesting to watch the boys gravitate towards certain toys and shrug their shoulders at other ones. It took all the guesswork out of everything!

After the show JAKKS Pacific sent us a box with a few things from their Maui Toys summer product line. We took all the toys to the park for our weekly playdate with friends and there were two toys that stood out more than the others, as the kid’s favorites: Mini Sky Bouncer® Knee Hockey Set and their Graffiti 4.0 Sky Balls®. These plastic, neon colored, toys seem unassuming and you might easily walk by them in the toy store but they were a big hit with our crew.

Graffiti 4.0 Sky Balls®

The Graffiti 4.0 Sky Balls® ($7.99 – $14.99) we road-tested are new for 2016 and bounce up to 75 feet in the air. I am not sure we ever got them up to 75 feet in the air but the kids (and Dads) had a lot of fun trying to get the ball to reach its max height. Then the kids decided to use them for a pretty solid game of ball tag around the park. Overall the kids love the Sky Balls® and spent a lot of time chasing them and not wanting to give them up once they got them. They are lightweight and don’t take up much room so these definitely have become a go-to item in our park and beach bag for all the kids.

We might also take the Sky Balls in our glass elevator, in our apartment building, and bounce them like crazy. The first one to get hit is out. It must be quite a sight to see from the outside.



Maui Knee HockeyMini Sky Bouncer® Knee Hockey Set

Henry and Ollie are really into ice hockey and are on teams at Rizzo Rink and IceWorks in Aston. They immediately grabbed the Mini Sky Bouncer® Knee Hockey Set ($14.99) when it arrived. This was my first introduction to knee hockey. I had no idea but knee hockey is an actual thing. The sticks are half the size of normal street hockey sticks and the pucks are “bouncier and hollow, “ more like street hockey balls.

These ended up being awesome at the park with all the kids. In fact we could have used a few more sticks because all the kids wanted to play. What was really great for me was not having to worry about the sticks accidentally turning into weapons. My little guys just turn around with regular hockey sticks and everyone has to duck for cover. The smaller knee hockey sticks were easy for everyone to manage and because of the smaller stick size the focus was on hockey and not attacking each other. I consider that a huge win.


We took the action inside and living in a small city apartment knee hockey ended up being a great game to play in the hallway on a rainy day. There was zero damage to any of the walls, a tape line served as their goals, and they were in the zone for the about an hour or so.


I would have easily walked by these toys in the store and not really thought about them. My kids and their friends have had a really great time with knee hockey and the sky balls both inside and outside. After road testing them I would buy them for the kids to play with in the park and the price points also make them great birthday present options. Just make sure you buy enough, because we could have easily had our own knee hockey team if we would of have a stick for each of the kids.