XPN Free @ Noons

Davy Knowles, Train, and Adele are just a few of the bands Henry saw before he was two. I am always so surprised that people don’t know about WXPN’s Free at Noon Concerts. These concerts are amazing, free, have parking, happen before nap time and are hosted by a great local radio station right in the city.

Every Friday at noon XPN scoops up the latest musicians that are traveling through Philly and asks them to take a detour for a live 30 minutes session at World Cafe Live. The show is free and all you have to do is sign up on line. Entry is first come first serve and the venue is standing room only. There are a few seats at the bar but those are usually taken by the early birds. Did I just say the word BAR? Yep. Grab a drink, grab a concert and start the weekend right.

This is the only place that Henry and I can see a band together that does not involve singing about peanut butter and jelly or cheese. If you get a chance check it out and donate to the radio station on your way out….you know you would have gladly paid $5 to see these amazing shows that they put on for free anyway.


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