YAY CLAY: Birthday Parties

Star Wars portfolioThis year my oldest asked for a Star Wars themed birthday party. Having never seen Star Wars I of course said yes and got to work. For the location I enlisted Keith, owner of YAY CLAY! and his crew.




IMG_1497If you don’t know YAY CLAY! it is a clay studio in Kensington that loves, loves kids. Keith and his team are very talented with clay but even more talented with kids and making a birthday party easy on a mom. I gave Keith the theme…then changed it to Star Wars and he ran with it. The studio comes with free classic arcade games and a foose ball table that kept the kids busy until we started our project. For the main attraction each of the kids got to make their own clay R2-D2. Keith showed the kids what to do at each step and with a little help from his team and some parents each of kids was very proud of their final product. With Keith and his team there to run the party parents got to grab a bite to eat, something to drink and socialize a little bit. I am a DIY Mom but when it comes to birthday parties I like to do all my prep in the weeks leading up to it and then on party day sit back and enjoy the moment with my kids and our friends. If that is your kind of party then YAY Clay is your spot. Pizza was delivered from Pizza Brain, I slaved over a cake and brought that along with snacks and drinks for everyone. Keith even found a video on YouTube where Darth Vader sings Happy Birthday. That was a big hit.

The party collage


YAY CLAY is also one of the most affordable options out there. The cost per child is one of the most reasonable out there. Which is super important.



So I have never watched Star Wars (gasp! i know) but I was determined to pull this off. Keith and his crew had the main project but I wanted to do all the little touches.


I grabbed a bunch of white fabric, ironed on some twill letters on the back (which I hoard for moments like this), and found some rope for a belt. A few hours later we had Jedi Star robes.


Inspiration Cake


Thanks to one of my many ambitious mom friend’s post on Facebook I was inspired and then determined to bake a cake that had tie dye letter “H’s” in the center. You can find this picture and the complete details on how to make it on our Pinterest page. I researched and I researched and then

I went to work. I decided to skip the fondant, did a round cake and went with blue icing. One day before you make tie dye pound cake. Next you slice the cake and cut out the “H’s” from the slices. From there you line a baking tray with wax paper, layout the “H’s” and pop them in the freezer. I put them in over night. You see if you freeze the “H’s” they will not rebake and rise when you put them in the middle of the cake.

Grab you “H’s” out of the freezer, mix your cake batter up, layout your “H’s” in your pan, pour the cake batter over the “H’s” and bake away. The exciting things is you ready have no idea if it worked out. Basically I held my breath and hoped for the best. When we cut into it the magic was reveled and everything worked out great.

H cake collage framed

Star Wars cake H cake middle

Party Favors: Pool Noodle Light Sabers

Light saber framed

Grab a bunch of pool noodles, cut them in half, spray paint the ends and in under 30 minutes and $30 you have all your party favors. These suckers were a big hit. Now do not give these out until everyone is on their way out or if you are in a giant open space. Little boys will be little boys.



To reach Keith Grabowsky at YAY CLAY! to talk about a birthday party email him at keith@madebykeith.com

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